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Love Jihad and Islamic Terrorism are inseparable

What’s the modus operandi of Love Jihad? Well, there are four steps largely. While the first two are to find a Hindu girl and trap her respectively, the third is to brainwash her and then as the fourth and final step it’s to marry and convert her. Is there anything left? Well, there are additional steps too. The girl can be deported to the Middle East to work as a sex slave or to ISIS to be female terrorist or even come back to India after a thorough training to induct more boys into terror modules to make Love Jihad as a greater success. And all these have been portrayed meticulously in “The Kerala Story” that has created a history in the box office already. Despite Lefts and Islamists have left no stone unturned to denounce and downplay the entire endeavor, a large section of Hindus have come to realize the brutal reality. Is it limited to the Indian state of Kearala only? It’s becoming a regular feature in other Indian states too where the primary target as usual is a Hindu girl. But Kerala is at nadir.  Take the character of Shalini Unnikrishnan, played by Adah Sharma in the movie as an example. She is Nimisha Sampath originally and the person who trapped her is Sajjad Rehman Saleem, known to own a restaurant famed for beef dishes. Nimisha was trapped, married and converted to Islam in 2012 and went to Kabul, Afghanistan. She is languishing in a jail of Kabul still. Why?

To know, go through the video presentation of “Bharat Verse”,

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