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Is Hindu fate in Kerala doomed?

Finally, the cat is out of the bag and the Islamist aspiration in the Indian state of Kerala is revealed to all.  While on one hand the ruling Communist regime leaves no stone unturned to impair Hindus, the Islamist lobby, thanks to Marxist indulgence, is upright to put forward weird notions even. And that Kerala is a Muslim majority state is one of those. It has been stated of late by the well-known Islamic cleric Aliyar Khashimi on a talk show to the noted YouTuber and Islamist Dr. Ali Mohammed.  Is this true? In no way, since the Hindus are majority still especially with Nair and Ezhava communities. But it might be within a very short span from now only if Communists are allowed to rule while Islamists are permitted to strengthen their own lot.

To know more of this sensational development, log in the report of “The Commune”:


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