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Islamists bully Sabarimala pilgrims on train

Surely, Lefts and other alleged humanists would term this as a mere brawl between two sections of society but don’t fall into this abhorrent trap. In reality, this is the ghastly expression of Islamist communalism that refuses to live with others in a heterogeneous society. They’re always set to get the best deal wherever possible and in any way. This candid desperation of Islamists got revealed once more on December 17, 2022 when Islamists including burqa and hijab-clad women literally tormented and strong-armed a group of Ayyappa Swamy Sabriamala pilgrims returning to Andhra Pradesh.  

Hindu pilgrims, after returning from Sabarimala Darshanam, had boarded12625/12626 Kerala Superfast Express from Chenagnnur Railway Station, called KK Express locally and runs between Thiruvananthapuram and New Delhi through Andhra Pradesh. They had confirmed non-AC reservation sleeper tickets but seats were occupied by Islamists. When repeated requests of Hindus to vacant seats foundered, a lady TTE or Travelling Ticket Examiner arrived but still Islamists were found to decline. Hindu passengers had to wait for no less than 7 to 8 hours to get the reserved berths.

Know more of this horrendous experience from the report of “Hindu Post”.

Log-in: https://hindupost.in/dharma-religion/islamists-harass-sabarimala-pilgrims-returning-to-andhra-pradesh-by-train/    

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