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Dreaming of belligerent Hindus

There is indeed a gruesome apathy of great minds in Hindutva struggle to analyze dynamics of fast changing social relations and its far-reaching consequences. Gone are the days of Benoy Sarkar, Sitaram Goel, Ram Swarup, Abhas Chatterjee and a few others who could influence a large following to both decipher and discern Hindu nation and in non-conventional ways at times. Well, there is a solace or rays of hope still due to the presence of Swaminarayan Gurumurthy and his colossal endeavors in this ideological trait of Hindu Nationalism. Being an ardent journalist and also a Hindutva ideologue he has come across assorted, seminal experiences that are found in his analyses. The review here has finally managed to do justice to Sri Gurumurthy’s finesse and fine sense of judgment generated from his profound wisdom. He has dealt with the two menaces of ‘Secularism’ and ‘Socialism’ afflicting India for decades and has also written extensively how various uncongenial ideological foundations have never left any stone unturned to enslave India, not to speak of its largest inhabitants or compliant, mellow Hindus down the centuries.         

To get acquainted of hostile environment against Hindus, you must first go through the review of “Arise Bharat” and then the original book.

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