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Jitendra Tyagi is at risk

Ever since Shri Jitendra Tyagai (earlier Wasim Rizvi) has reverted to Hindu Dharma forsaking Islam, he is amid a big trouble. Not only the Islamist organizations are baying for his blood, he seems to be abandoned by the State machinery also. While umpteen cases have been hurled against him including rape cases, refuted by Tyagiji in the strongest voice, the Supreme Court’s apex court has discarded his petition as frivolous and slapped a fine of Rs. 50, 000. What was the petition for? The petition had been filed to the Supreme Court looking for the removal of 26 verses from Quran since those are “violent by nature” and not part of the original edition of Quran, added following the death of Islamic Prophet Mohammed. Indeed, it’s a hornet’s nest and the Islamist organizations are going on with their tirade, physical demonstrations against Tyagiji.  

Learn of the precarious developments through the article of “Hindu Post”.

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