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Lt. Co. Purohit wrongly implicated in Malegaon blast case

Without a shred of doubt, this happens to be one of the most sensational revelations in the chronicle of independent India and also of the Indian Army till date. Many may still remember that there had been explosions in the Malegaon region of the Nashik district of Maharashtra on September 29, 2008 claiming lives of 6 people and with serious injury of 100 people at least. But from the very beginning the entire investigation procedure of the same devastating incident took a different turn and Lt. Col. Shrikant Prasad Purohit along with Sadhvi Pragya Thakur were nabbed in connection with the blast, reported as the most brilliant instance of ‘Hindu Terror’ in national media. What’s of Hindu Terror? It became clear to many that the ostensible design was to challenge the notion or lessen the stigma of ‘Muslim Terror’ by this new brand of terrorism and all these had happened under the auspices of the then UPA Government at the Center. Lt. Col. Purohit happens to be an extremely proud 3rd generation Army Officer and exceedingly nationalist at the same time. Both the accused, namely he and Sadhvi Pragya continued to languish in jails till April and August 2017; they were granted bail afterwards.

Colonel Hunny Baksh (former Commanding officer of the Technical Support Division (TSD)) reveals the entire conspiracy without fail. Find all these in the report of “OpIndia”.


 Log-in: https://www.opindia.com/2022/11/retired-army-officer-reveals-colonel-purohit-framed-malegaon-blast-case/

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