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Would Preethi get justice?

No, this is no incredible development but taking place across India exhibiting concealed revulsion often and we fail to concentrate on this burgeoning statistics owing to our own callosity.

We’re talking of the Preethi – Saif case that has rocked the national spectrum by now. As per reports available in both social and mainstream media, Preethi’s unconscious body was discovered at MGM Hospital staff room. Many had stated that it was nothing except fallout of a suicide attempt by Preethi, post-graduate student at Kakatiya Medical College in Warangal,  in the state of Telangana. Why did she opt for such? The answer to this can only be found from Dr. Mohammed Saif, second-year MD student at the same Medical College accused of harassing her almost on a regular basis. Dr. Saif has been arrested while Preethi’s condition has deteriorated further. She, as has been learnt, attempted suicide by injecting anesthesia drugs and is at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad after experiencing a multi-organ failure, in an extremely serious condition.

Go through the report of “OpIndia” to know more.

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