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Savarkar In: Iqbal Out in Delhi University curriculum

So, it’s the end..After running and ruining the national education system for 50 years at least it’s the time for Congress and Lefts to lick own wound and watch silently how the educational scenario is recuperating under a true nationalist outlook. Gone are the days when the divisive forces like Allama Iqbal would be consecrated in curriculum. It’s the time for resurgence and bring in the true nationalist souls who had fought even at the peril of their lives to wrest the national independence from British Imperialism.   Isn’t is a shame for national curriculum to miss Savarkar for decades? Thanks to the stubborn steps of the Academic Council of Delhi University of late, the history has taken place. Shri Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, globally acclaimed revolutionary who penned the socio-economic-political-cultural concept of “Hindutva” and his profound contribution is in Du’s syllabi while Iqbal has been driven out. . Brushing aside vociferous protests of Congress and Lefts, hordes of academicians, dignitaries have voiced their support to this avant-garde approach. Now, do you know Iqbal? He happens to be the architect of the Islamic state of Pakistan, formed in 1947 through horrors and genocides of Hindus.

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