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Saffron – color of women protest in Kerala

Neither each one is a coward nor each one is ready to give in to administrational whims and aspirations at any time. Kerala ruled by Communists now has become a haven of perfidious elements, namely Islamists who seem to be controlling a major section of the state government even. Well, animosity of Communists to Hindus are quite well-known and in a state like Kerala where Hindu baiters are in large numbers unimaginably this sort of precarious stance is expected always. Only a few days back it got visible once more when the temple authority of the glorious Vellayani Bhadrakali temple situated at the southern outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram was visited by the police and administrative officials and the temple authority was instructed (better to say, cautioned) of avoiding any sort of saffron-colored materials on the temple premises. Alleging any such misadventure would deteriorate ‘law and order situation’, all these were done prior to the Kaliyoottu Mahotsavam.  

But Hindus did not give in and as part of a protest to this strange decision, a good number of Hindu women were perceived to be in conventional saree coupled with saffron blouses and suits with saffron dupattas.  But this is not all.

There are other grueling facts too that can be known through the report of ‘OpIndia’,


Log-in: https://www.opindia.com/2023/02/kerala-police-ban-saffron-colour-in-hindu-temple-devotees-come-up-with-unique-response/

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