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Have a look of Hindu derogation in Twitter

With the onset of technological revolution, clash of civilizations has increased overly and the social media has turned into an open combat zone while various online platforms are merely cannons. The chronicle that was quite distant till the other day has become household factor. And to outrage Hindus worldwide, no stone is left unturned for the moment and with each hour it passes, the confrontation gets even more intense. Well, Hindus have got hold of the pernicious, devastating game finally, Hindu baiters are being both challenged and observed keenly. Here does appear the importance of hindumisia. What’s that? It’s basically a visual tool, designed to counter ceaseless Hindu disparager or hatemonger leveraging the evolving disciplines of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. And you can also find that at the heart of the tool there is the presence of The Global Anti-Hindu Scorecard ® that tracks Anti-Hindu hatred on Twitter in real time from around the world.

To know more, please go through the report of “India Facts”,

Log-in: https://www.indiafacts.org.in/this-month-in-hinduphobia-february-2023/

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