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Meteoric Rise of Specter of Love Jihad

It’s nothing but an act of audacity that is extending by leaps and bounds across the nation. And the situation is such that Varanasi, capital town of Hindu Sanatani ancient heritage and also the parliamentary constituency of the Indian Prime Minister Modiji, is also under the specter of Love Jihad. What the video presentation states of Sri Pradip Gupta whose wife has eloped with an Islamist youth is no sole development but a glaring instance of the ceaseless downfall of Hindus even in India. And when Pradip makes best efforts to retrieve his own wife he is threatened by the Islamist youth named Shakib to not to move to the police station and unless this is done, not only his wife would be converted to Islam, his children would be hacked to death. And no can stop him, not even Yogiji or Modiji.  What’s more striking the local police was trying to interpret the entire development as of mere kidnapping till activists of Hindu Jagaran Manch stepped in.

Know more on this from the report of “Pyara BHARAT”,

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