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Irrevocable Hindu influences on Islamic knowledge continuum

The sole credit to Renaissance amid Europe in the 15th century goes to the ancient Hindu thoughts or the triumph of Renaissance is within the Hindu standpoint. The single line might infuriate Lefts in India or the PROs of erstwhile Soviet Union and China and also the White supremacists but the Truth can’t be negated in any way. And if the Truth is found within the seminal doctrines produced by internationally renowned scholars down the centuries it cannot be nullified at all. Isn’t it? hordes of ancient as well as mediaeval documents do reveal how the Arabic world had been influenced by the Hindus especially in the 9th century, known as the Islamic Golden Age in history. And this is no sudden development.

To be precise, the Arabs were making best efforts to penetrate into the Indian region from 8th century onwards and it was then when they encountered the comparatively far superior Hindu thought procedure in almost all fields, the Hindu numeral system in particular. They got so impressed that in 773 CE, a few Hindu astronomers including Kanka were invited to the court of Caliph al-Mansur in Baghdad and from then on the rudimentary Arabic numeral system called abjad got replaced by the Hindu system. The same Islamic knowledge system, extremely influenced by the Hindu standpoint was taken to Europe when Arabs ruled over Spain for centuries leading to the initiation of the globally acclaimed Renaissance in the 15th century.

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