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No easy escape for Rahul Gandhi over remarks on ‘Savarkar’

Whenever you are in a political dilemma and are gasping heavily to get a space for restoration or retrieve the lost honor, you can utter a single name to distract public attention and the public would flock behind you in support. And the name is Savarkar; the eternal bête noire of Indian Lefts and alleged secularists down the decades. Rahul Gandhi had also thought likewise surely but what he has failed to realize that days have changed. He is not in an era under the aegis of Leftist omnipotence. So, his single remark that he is Gandhi and not Savarkar has set off a serious controversy nationwide and Hindu Nationalists are up in arms against him demanding an early apology or wait for penalties. Latest, to join the battle zone is Sri Ranjeet Savarkar, grandson of Shri Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and he has threatened to file a defamation suit unless Rahul Gandhi does withdraw the statement.    

More are there in the report of “The New Indian”,

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