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Fools are those who state that Hindu Dharma deals with supernaturalism only and that leads to spiritualism. Where they have gained all these knowledge is a matter of investigation rather but at the same time, it has to be stated that the Dharma does relate to both spirituialsm and acute materialism at the same time. That’s why from immemorial past the quest for power had initiated which gradually and steadily transformed into the enthralling ‘Shakti Sadhana’. This has been the land of both Kautilya and Shankara, signifying two completely different schools of thought that would commingle at a definite time, without fail to fortify Dharma, its foundations and lineage. Too add to this, there is also the reference of Hindu calendars, Vikram Samvat and its finesse or finest accuracy that would educate you of the great culture of this land.

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