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Pastor tries to foment populace with wild allegations against Modi government

Finally, the Christian Missionaries are coming out of their dens with sharp claws designed to tear off the social fabric of India. A chilling account of this got revealed of late when Pastor Kuntam Edward Williams was found to state that 2023 would witness genocides at the behest of the Narendra-Modi led Central Government. Speaking to a gathering during the New Year event held by Bethel Church in Mushirabad, Hyderabad, he said this in cold blood. Citing a weird American top secret agency report, religious attacks along with genocides claiming more than 2 lakhs of Christian lives was narrated by him. The Pastor also said, this is a beautiful opportunity for the Christians of India to become a hero or zero! The venomous speech has created uproar in the social media already. Without doubt, the cloak-and-dagger intent of Missionaries are going to run the country and the speech itself is a revelation of the same.    

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