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Scientists are National Assets

Unless you identify your real assets and preserve those with utmost security measures, there is no hope. The line can be ascribed to any, be it a multinational corporation or a paramilitary unit of any definite –ism but here we are concentrating on India. For ages, Indian scientists whether retired or on the verge of retirement but with extraordinary talent have been left vulnerable to any mode of assault compromising the national interest after all. This has been a continual defect of the Indian Governments letting aged scientists go insecure, uncovered and be easy targets to nasty designs of assorted foreign intelligences agencies of our rival nations. And this often do surface as insider jobs too; no such despicable plot can get perfect without insiders, from corrupt politicians to higher officials of the Indian administration. While Dr. Pradeep Kurulkar is still amid serious charges and controversies, Dr. Nambi Narayanan had been victim of animosity and desperate acts to destruct India. The entire saga has been portrayed beautifully in the film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, written, produced, directed and also acted by the well-known actor, heartthrob of South India, R. Madhavan.

All these and much more are said in the interview of R. Madhavan taken by Rohan Dua of “The New Indian”.

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