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Stubborn Kodava warriors trounced Tipu Sultan

Indian history has remained unkind to the authentic heroes and has conferred its blessings on the false heroes only. This is no castigation rooted in fabricated specifics but a stunning reality that manifests Abrahamic conspiracy to demean the Hindu morale.  Kodagu or Coorg martial race inhabiting the Indian state of Karnataka, speaking Kodavataka language and worshipping nature has the glorious distinction to defeat Tipu Sultan allegedly the Tiger of Mysore several times but does remain in a state of infamy thanks to the betrayal of secularist school of thought.  The community has been known for generating top-notch, globally acclaimed soldiers and generals and they do include Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa and General K. S. Thimayya of the Indian Army as well. Facts do confirm, Tipu was defeated for 31 times and at last, he had to take recourse of deception ultimately. Kodagus underwent one of the worst genocides exhibiting the Islamist ploy of imperialism but continued to struggle from rugged terrains.

Know more of this incredible courage from the report of “UNFILTERED with Shakshi”,

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