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‘The Kerala Story’ – pioneering audacity, resistance

When a few years back a few unheard stories of horror coupled with the exceptional ascension of Islamic terrorism (funded by its global boss) in the Indian state of Kerala got leaked to press and media, those were brushed aside as fictional and nasty designs perpetrated by the Hindutva brigade. A large number of peoples across India did comply with this narrative of secularism. Now, it seems the situation is reverse almost. And if you are yet to know of this rising horror of falling prey to immoral, imperialistic designs of Islamists, you must watch “Kerala Story” with rapt attention. The film is inspired by the Hadiya case, 2017 when for the first time indoctrination, psychological kidnapping, forcible conversion into Islam and certainly, Love Jihad came to the fore. It’s a must watch movie for any patriotic Indian and for any Indian family who despise to grovel to Islamists,

The report made by “The New Indian” is fantastic in many senses. Not only it does reveal the struggles of cast and crew to make such a movie but we do learn how the scenario is getting brutal also in reality.


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