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Delhi Police arrests Sahil who stabbed Sakshi 20 times

What’s this? Is this simply a Love Jihad or a lone wolf strategy or something more vicious module or part of any bloodthirsty instruction? The question is being asked to decipher the surge in such cases across India while the victim remains certain even from before the fateful incident, a Hindu girl. What did happen of late at the Delhi Shahbad Dairy area is more than enough to thrill all. Sakshi, the bright teenager was brutally killed by her ‘friend’ Sahil. And as per the available CCTV footage, Sakshi was stabbed for more than 20 times and Sahil crushed her head by making use of a boulder. According to sources, Sakshi and Sahil had been in a relationship for quite a long time but a day before the murder there was a nasty fight between the two. An FIR was filed by police and now Sahil is arrested.

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