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Crusades for Hindu causes impermissible in Communist Kerala

Communists have been traditionally against the Hindus; ample examples are there to prove. When on earth they enter or assume the governmental power in any state of India, they do cow the Hindus and if Hindus remain obstinate to resist they go for tougher measures. Kerala, Bengal and Tripura along with several others pockets within India are witnesses to the same. Hence, the arrest of VK Baiju, owner of Kochi-based web channel and social media influencer does not amaze. Baiju is a native of Pookkottumpadam in the Mallapuram district of Kerala and has been accused of inciting animosity towards a vegetarian hotel in Perinthalmanna in violation of IPC section 153A. However, in reality Baiju through his own channel was making an effort to make Hindus conscious of how Islamists faking as Hindus run vegetarian hotels and serve halal foods only to the Hindu clientele.  

Such a defiant act and of a Hindu individual is a complete no-no to the Communist government as it disturbs their Muslim brothers’ psyche and who doesn’t know Muslims are traditional vote banks for Communists.

Read the report of “Indus Scrolls’ to know more on this worst instance of curbing the fundamental rights of Indian.

Log-in: https://indusscrolls.com/kerala-youtuber-arrested-for-protesting-against-muslim-restaurant-owner-for-using-hindu-religious-symbols-for-duping-hindus

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