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Let Obama better his knowledge book on India first

Only 12 questions have been raised in this report that might disenable Mr. Obama, the ex-President of the United States of America even.  And reasons behind this are not far to see. The former US President, at the moment, is extremely conscious over the fate of minorities inhabiting the length and breadth of India. Who is a minority in India then? Well, definition of this word or minority is not spelt in the Constitution of India specifically but in general, Muslims, despite being the second largest community in India, are considered as minority here. Obama is extremely worried of their fate in a country inhabited and ruled by Hindus majorly.  Little does he know that Hindus in India are also minority in several states and union territories and unlike Muslims, do not enjoy the prize minority status even. How can there be discriminations then? On the contrary, Catholic Christian minority are known to be subject to ridicules and special tensions often. Is Obama familiar to these anguishes back home? He must concentrate on it.

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