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Defiant mediaeval Bengal against Islamist tyranny

Not only Rajputana, Punjab or Maharashtra or a few parts of mediaeval India had been defiant against untold Islamist expeditions, similar fierce confrontations had taken place in Bengal too. It’s better to say that entire Bengal had remained witness to myriad armed confrontations between Hindus and Islamists, though the Pathans, followed by Mughals ruled Bengal for centuries at a stretch, local armed Hindu chieftains continued to be defiant against tyrannical Islamist suzerainty and rose to rebellion for several times. Who can forget Maharaja Ganesha, Maharaja Pratapaditya, Rani Bhabashankari and Raja Sitaram? This battle of Balia Basanti happens to be one of the best manifestations of that martial defiance.  

Go through the video of ‘Historia De Gauda” and be witness to an unknown saga of history.

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