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Illegal Bangladeshi immigrant kills wife in Bengaluru

The tech capital of India, Bengaluru got up in the fine morning to remain witness to a gruesome incident.  It was learnt that a man killed a woman or a 22-year-old pregnant woman and further investigations of police revealed startling information. It got prominent that they were a newlywed couple hailing from the neighboring country of Bangladesh and what’s most dangerous, the accused was none but an illegal immigrant named Nasir Hussain, age 29. Karnataka police with the help of West Bengal police carried out the intense investigation and unearthed a few hidden facts. Hussain entered India illegally in 2014-15 and an engineer by skill, not education. He had worked earlier in several prime Indian metropolises including Kolkata and delhi, where from he learnt skills to repair cell phones and also laptops.   

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