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Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri – the new Hindu icon

Are we unknown to words like proselytization and superstitions?  In short, both have going on for centuries in the Indian subcontinent unabated and under the aegis of Abrahamics like Islamists and Christian Missionaries. However, there is hardly one or two independent organizations who have dared to speak against them. But when Hindus are in the same league through reconversions and propagation of Sanatani Siksha or teachings of our ancient heritage, there is no less number of protesters. This is condition with revered Pandit Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri of Bageshwar Dham, at the moment. Why do those people up in arms against Panditji remain silent against Missionaries and Islamists? What’s their hidden agenda or perilous conspiracy to defame Hindus?

If you do think likewise and are in search of truth, the video presentation of “Vedant Media” can enlighten you lots.

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