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Endangered Hindus in Bangladesh

Reports based on incidents between January 01, 2022 December 31, 2022

It must be stated at the very beginning that this is not all. According to researchers, statistics here have been collected through newspaper reports and sources. Unfortunately, it is not safe even to traverse Islamic Bangladesh to collect reports or even inquire of FIRs lodged in police stations. Well, how many Hindus in Bangladesh do gather the courage to move to the nearest police station to register official complaints is also a subject of investigation. No doubt, Hindu lot in the neighboring Bangladesh is doomed easing the journey for the entire country to be the largest homogenous state worldwide before long.  Are you comfortable with the word ‘homogenous’? It does mean all of the same or similar kind or nature and it includes similar faith, language, custom and also food habit.

বাংলাদেশ জাতীয় হিন্দু মহাজোট/ Bangladesh National Hindu Confederacy/Grand Alliance has come out with a Annual Report of minority persecution including of Hindus in Bangladesh. It was published at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity at Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh on Friday dated 06/01/2023 i.e. yesterday.

In accordance with the report, 154 minority people have been murdered, 39 rapes of which 27 are incidents of gangrapes. 14 women have been killed, following rapes. 55 women have been attempted to rape. 152 people have been converted to Islam. 40 more have been tired to convert.

849 people have received death threats, 424 people have suffered attempts to murder, while 360 have been wounded severely. 27 crores 46 lakhs and 33 thousands of Taka (Bangladeshi currency) have been looted from Bangladeshi minorities.

In the last one year, 89, 990 acres of lands belonging to minority people have been seized forcibly. 572 minority families have been evicted from their own ancestral lands while 445 families have been forced/compelled to move out of their own country or Bangladesh. Minorities have suffered a loss of an amount of 220 crores 89 lakh taka (Bangladeshi currency).

Incidents of – 

  • Loots at temples and minority families – 319.
  • Attacks at residences – 891.
  • Burning of properties – 519
  • Destructions at business centres – 173
  • Houses seized – 57
  • Business centres seized – 50
  • Temple properties seized – 51
  • Serious attempts have been made to evict 3, 694 families
  • Number of families to get threats of eviction – 35, 818.
  • Families reeling under threats to leave Bangladesh – 15, 115
  • Number of insecure families – 1 lakh 95 thousands 991
  • Organized attacks – 953
  • Incidents to desecrate and destruct temples – 128
  • Destruction of Holy Deities – 841
  • Stolen Deities – 72
  • Incidents to hurt religious sentiment – 127
  • Incidents of arrests, loss of jobs due to fake cases – 79






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