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Fake claim to solve 2500-year old Paninain grammar riddle

Two things must be taken into consideration in the very beginning. While the popularity of Sanskrit both as a language and marvel is extending by leaps and bounds worldwide, forces with the nefarious intent to check its growth is also increasing steadily. And the midst of all these there is the pretentious claim of Dr. Rishi Rajpopat of Cambridge University to solve a 2500-year old riddle of Paninian Grammar that has already become talk of the global media already. An assortment of venerable Sanskrit scholars have come up in protest against this terming it as ostentatious or exaggerated. There are others too who have already supposed the claim as fake for so many reasons that have not been delved by the Cambridge scholar.  They wish had Dr. Rajpopat been less impetuous, it would have saved the time. There is need of more time to deal with Paninian puzzle.        

To know more please go through this novel contribution of “Bharat Voice” and “Dr. Praveen Kumar”.


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