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Women’s education an eyesore in Talbani Afghanistan

There is hardly any doubt that Afghanistan is in abject crisis.  But it’s the women and also the girl students who are in a fix right now since the Taliban regime has once again imposed a complete ban on women’s education across Afghanistan. Whether she is a little girl or an adult lady aspiring higher education in the rooms of University, none is allowed to step outside the residence. Even when girl students staged protests against this nasty diktat, they were overpowered with water cannons. What’s the United Nations doing then? It has joined the bandwagon of condemning the Talib regime along with other countries while the Ummah prefers to remain silent still. Students are crying for help. Is this the future of energetic brains in an Islamic regime?

You must see this report of “The New Indian” to know the sordid reality.

Log on to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJmLOByPsq8

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