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Government officials desecrate Chidambaram Temple

Is it a sin to be Hindu in India? Or unless we the Hindus get converted to a warring community we can’t live in peace and harmony with others. Is rifle the only solution of Hindu Identity? All these are asked witnessing the rising administrative bids to violate sacrosanctity of Hindu temples. Of late, during the Aani Thirumanjanam festival at Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, situated at the Temple city of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu a team of officials stormed into Kanakasabai (Golden Platform) without prior permission. The team included officials from the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) Department and Police. During the festival, no devotee is allowed to enter the Kanakasabai so as to retain the smooth handling of crowds. But government officials without caring for any consultation, not to speak of taking permissions, entered the platform all of a sudden. Deekshitars or traditional custodians of the Temple protested against this desecration and 11 Deekshitars were booked to obstruct governmental officials. The recklessness has invited sharp criticism from Hindus.  

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Log-in: https://thecommunemag.com/hrce-officials-and-police-forcefully-enter-kanakasabai-assault-deekshitars-at-chidambaram-temple-amidst-aani-thirumanjanam-festival/

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