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Congress bid to end anti-conversion law in Karnataka is fearsome

As part of its brutal intention to contain Hindus, the Congress Government in the Indian state of Karnataka has resolved to repeal the anti-conversion law made by the earlier BJP regime to put an end to the nefarious designs of religious conversion at the behest of Christian Missionaries and Islamists. In accordance with the statement of HK Patil, Honourable Law Minister of Karnataka, “the bill introduced by the BJP in 2022 will be revoked, and the bill we are introducing will be in line with the Constitution”.

The decision has evoked sharp reactions throughout the state from every walk of life, by Hindus and also by the Bharatiya Janata Party leadership. Many have started to wonder whether Congress is in a mood to destabilize Hindus in the state and whether the entire party is at the mercy of Evangelists.

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