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Guru Nanak – treasure of Hindus too

Till the 1980s and also 1990s, Sikhs were considered a part and parcel of the Hindu nation and still they are in the same status, especially with regard to the Hindu Marriage Act and also of Income Tax. They have lived and dined together for centuries and have also fought in unison against gentiles or Islamists, rampant enough to put an end to Dharma by weapons and untold violence. But the picture is not so rosy anymore. A section of Sikhs, however unfortunate it is, has come forth with a single agenda and it’s to differentiate between the two best. Even in several places, according to reports, Hindu temples have been desecrated by Sikh radicals in Abrahamic spirit. They are found to state that Guru Granth Sahib or the most venerated holy book in Sikhism can’t reside anywhere along with revered Hindu deities and even their pictures. And in this context, Sindhis have been castigated extensively. Why so?

To know more on this, you are advised to go through the thought-provoking, analytical report of “eSamskriti”.

Log in: https://www.esamskriti.com/e/History/Indian-History/Why-do-Sindhis-worship-Granth-Sahib-and-they-were-stopped-from-doing-so-in-Indore–1.aspx  


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