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Has YouTube succumbed to Dravidian whims?

Right to free journalism happens to be the perfect embodiment of Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression. And any act to curb it is an act of crime. We have heard of this often but when it gets a daily ritual almost what can be done. We’re talking of the popular Youtube channel PoliTalk’s that has been taken down by Youtube following a copyright complaint filed by the Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., while the complaint was registered by AiPlex, company reputed for online reputation management, content protection along with providing digital marketing solutions. Is this all?

To many, this is nothing but tip of the icebeg. PoliTalk’s is known for exposing fabrication of truth and lip services/hypocrisy of Dravidianists, one of the most venerated socio-economic and political thoughts in South India, Tamil Nadu in particular.  The oroblem started when PoliTalk’s went for a fervent criticism of a Tamil talk show on Zee TV, called ‘Tamizha Tamizha’ where under the garb of progressivism and social controversies Dravidian ideologies were being propagated.

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