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Hindus in Manipur refuse to grovel; fierce resistance continues

The Manipur fiasco is as old as Indian independence from British yoke. Never had the North-east of India been silent or peaceable but from the late 70s, especially with the intensification Christian Missionary maneuverings it has turned to a hotbed of violence and now the situation is out of the frying pan and into the fire. Dating back to the age of Mahabharata, Manipur has always been a part and parcel of Hindu civilization. For centuries Manipur subscribed the Hindu faith while its royal tradition was innate Vaishnavas. But with the intrusion of British Raj in its terrains and the advent of Missionaries in particular what followed later on was nothing but a nefarious strategy of conversion. Tens of thousands of Manipuri tribal people or Kukis were converted to this Abrahamic faith of Christianity and what was left was nothing except its best efforts to erase anything Hindu there.   Amid eternal racial confrontations and ST (Scheduled Tribe) Kukis dominating greater part of the state while Hindu Meities go through a sordid fate, on April 20, 2023 the Manipur High Court came out with a breakthrough conferring ST status on Hindu Meiteis and before long the entire scenario got a brutal shape.

Fearing the new ST status would enable Hindu Meities to purchase land in hilly areas considered as their personalty for decades, converted Christian Kukis struck violently and were witnessed to walk with lethal weapons along with arms and ammunitions in broad daylight. Hindu Meiteis were the sole target and hence, areas inhabited by them proved to be the early targets. After initial disasters, Hindus went for a fierce resistance and Manipur continues to burn still.

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