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Halal Jihad must be stamped out

Halal Jihad is not any illusion but a brutal reality that is hell-bent to destroy the Indian economic supremacy or its rising financial control in the global affairs. What does afflict most is that by now Halal economy has turned into a parallel economy, potent enough to ruin the nation slowly but steadily. What has made this Halal economy so stubborn by now? The answer does remain in India’s copious rules and regulations along with its innate carelessness on several affairs. And all these do include the humongous leniency in minority affairs as well. Exploiting the same, Halal economy originated in India and now it has become so stubborn that it can both expand to the neighboring countries and now, the notion of Islamic banking is also extending its tentacles by leaps and bounds thanks to the same Halal economy. Sri Ramesh Shinde of Hindu Janajagruthi Samiti has termed it as nothing but Halal Jihad, poised to bring Hindu economic affluence to an end.

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