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Hanumanji’s mastery in statecraft

What’s the definition of an ideal state? What’s Hindu Rashtra? Perhaps, these are two toughest questions yet to be addressed. Hardly there is any statecraft yet that can be termed as ideal and again, to comprehend Hindu Rashtra there is a need to concentrate on the ancient scriptures, Ramayana in particular. Hanumanji here is not one of the central characters only but known both for his enormous, unfathomable physical prowess and intelligence also. Apart from being the finest prototype of devotion and spiritualism he has left no stone unturned to secure the state and fortify its defense in order to have the final triumph on evil. Every act of his expresses how diplomacy or espionage should be conducted without any grunge, not to speak of fault. There is the need of self-confidence, poise and also courage to win even at the almost impossible situation even. So, read Ramayana in detail and without fail.

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