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Youtube channels making Hindus more conscious on Love Jihad

Love Jihad is no more anything secret or any alien concept to people, Hindus in particular. Not to speak of the neighboring country of Bangladesh where Hindu persecution is no longer a phenomenon but a custom, almost each of India is also getting acquainted with this nefarious terminology. To disguise as the fellow member of the targetable girl’s religious belief (Hinduism, of course) and then to influence, seduce and indoctrinate her to Islam is the sole objective of Love Jihad. Thanks to persistent and ceaseless campaigns of a few influential youtube channels, a well-defined population of Hindus is familiar with the subject.

As part of its Anti-Hindu Survey Conversation Analysis on Love Jihad on Youtube, “Hindumisia” has come forth with a comprehensive list of such influencing channels.

Log-in to know more: https://twitter.com/hindumisia/status/1669188743691993090?s=46&t=RameRZG4PlGit5q3CXDO0A

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