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NCERT must be strict on errors in curriculum

To break the shackles of bondage of slavery, on must begin with the curriculum since it’s the best way to detoxify the tender brains. For decades and not for years, the Indian curriculum has been stuffed with all unnecessary traits that both harm the youth and urge them to be obstinate against national integration. And, hence, NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training has come forth to do the needful. These include removal of Mughal Courts (C. 16 th and 17 th century) from Class 12 History syllabus, two chapters of ‘Rise of Popular Movements’ and “Era of One Party Dominance’ in the category of ‘Indian Politics after Independence’ of Polity of Class 12 and others. But there are slips still. Class 10 History book , “India & the Contemporary World-II” continues to have outrageous misinformation , particularly in Chapter 2 “Nationalism in India“, Page 43 where it defines the term “Sanatanis” as “Conservative High Caste Hindus”. Well, if close look is given more such disgraceful errors can be pointed out. NCERT must work hard, hence.

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