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Is it a crime to be a Hindu?

Without a shred of doubt, we, at present, are living in a phase where each and every aspect of the society is being politicized and for detrimental motives. And if it’s to retain the chastity of weird secularism, no stone would be left unturned to gear up, especially by Lefts and Islamists. The raging controversy over the sudden cancellation of book launch of ‘Halal Jihad’ (Telugu Edition) on December 11, 2022 by the Hyderabad city police has brought this question forth once more. The book has been authored by Sri Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson of Hindu Jan Jagruti Samiti, and if truth be told, he has adopted lots of initiatives for last 15 years to create alertness among Hindus as regards economic terrorism of Halal Jihad. But the event was canceled or the permission was withdrawn by the Hyderabad police, under Telengana Government headed by KCR simply on the issue of ‘law and order’. What astounds most, the same police had not identified anything problematic when Munawar Faruqui (under police protection) organized his show of comedy, blameworthy for abusing Hindu deities, amid strong Hindu protests.  

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