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When would Islam end?

How can Islam be defined? This is indeed one of the most difficult tasks in the history of mankind till date, and truly, there can be no such exact definition. Is it a political text altogether or atypical socio-political-militarist school of thought hinging upon violent expeditions, imperialism and set to subjugate humanity through the notion of Dar-ul-Islam? Is Islam devoid of anything spiritual?  Lots of confusions are there indeed, and would remain such since the Islamic world can surely be represented by a single word ‘troubled’. Never before people of same religion were found to be engaged in such heinous, mutual confrontations, civil wars and ending with hands stained of blood of co-religionists. It’s definitely a curse, that must end as soon as possible. To know more this, focus on the bright initiative of ‘Jamboo Talks’..

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaEM2-fsack     

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