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Is Kathua rape case a Jihadi plot?

There has been no end to state persecution and genocides on Hindus down the ages. Either Hindus have become the worst victims or have defended valiantly for the sake of existence. But never have Hindus been found to commit any gang rape on any non-Hindu woman and the sole reason being this culture is Abrahamic in particular. But now Hindus are being accused of such a grotesque act and the sensational crime or Kathua rape case in 2018 happens to be the testimony. What had taken place on that very day was not wrong only but inhuman also. But the central question – was it committed by the Hindus? And the question is not unfounded. There have lots of misgivings in the charge sheet and to many, the entire incident is nothing but a political drama to malign Hindus in particular.  And Sm. Madhu Purnima Kishwar, noted academician is not ready to let it go so easily. Her new book “The Girl from Kathua: A Sacrificial Victim of Ghazwa-e-Hind” is all set to bring forth the real story, nothing but sinister design hatched to defame Hindus in particular worldwide and change J&K’s political climate.

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