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Undaunted Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey

Param Vir Chakra or India’s highest military decoration is bestowed on those who do express exemplary courage during wartime in defence of the motherland. Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey is one of those bravest souls who do continue to impress, influence and shape our mindset to be the ideal Indian. Captain Pandey was the Captain of Gorkha Rifles and in the year 1999 when Kargil treachery of Pakistan got exposed, he was ordered to move ahead along with the battalion to be followed by a series of violent confrontations. He was instructed to wrest the strategic peaks occupied by the Pakistani invaders, including the Jubar Top. Efforts to seize Jubar Top led to a fierce hand-to-hand combat between the Indian jawans and enemy front. Captain Pandey led the team with extreme audacity and ferocity. Despite being injured, he went on fearlessly till he got a fatal injury due to a grenade blast and succumbed to death finally.   

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