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Islamist agenda to gang-rape innocent girls

Has any secret fatwah been passed of late to cause maximum damage to Hindu households and in private capacity only?  And all these are leading to rampant miscalculations at times? Only in the month of June, 2022 gang rape of a minor occurred at the Chandrayangutta police station area of Hyderabad Old City but the case remained overlooked till the four culprits namely Ajaz, Abbu, Salar and Feroz were presented to the local court and remained in the judicial custody for the time being. What’s more shocking, Feroz took the raped teenage girl to her aunt’s house; aunt allegedly washed her clothes and tried to cover the case best. Is this a different world where empathy of a woman to a tortured teenage girl remains absent? Know more through the heartrending report of  “Hindu Post”.

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