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Modi government following Indira Gandhi’s stances to save nation’s global image

Truly, we do feel pity for Lefts and purported liberals these days since they leave no stone unturned to create uproar against the Modi government at the center. Little they do know that their happiness is nothing but a folly and self-annihilation too. What’s the reason? Well, the Central Government of India has made use of its emergency powers to direct YouTube and Twitter to remove links of the BBC documentary which has been “selective” truth about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. This is no crime after all and is also not the first time when the same is being done.  Decades back the (then) Mrs. Indira Gandhi (socialist) government at the center had also admonished BBC similarly.  Louis Marie Malle, celebrated French director and also screenwriter, came to India in 1968 to make a documentary film ‘Calcutta’ and BBC did broadcast its UK premiere on British Television. Though initially the film was termed to concentrate on the visually rich, ‘impressionistic portrait’ of India’s second most populous city, it was found to portray the reigning poverty more than the working classes leaving the Central Government fuming.  BBC, as a result, was booted out of India by Mrs. Gandhi’s government’s instructions. The same stance is being repeated by the present Government at the center to save India’s image in the global domain. Poor Lefts and liberals.

Look into the report of “News Bharati” to know more.

Log in: https://www.newsbharati.com/Encyc/2023/1/23/Indira-Gandhi-banned-BBC-for-two-years-during-1970s.html

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