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Hindus move to extinction in Bangladesh

There has never been any end to heinous Hindu persecution in neighboring Islamic Bangladesh nor there is hope of any such. And all these have made Bengali Hindus inhabiting Bangladesh the worst persecuted minority community in the post-World War II scenario. But even after such a precarious surrounding environment where each type of Islamist atrocity on Hindu including murder, forced abduction, rape and forcible love jihad is a common occurrence, the global masters or leaders of worldwide human rights movement and even the United Nations, vocal ever to save Palestinian minorities, prefers to retain a weird silence. Meanwhile, Hindus continue to die out there without a single protest. Almost each report card does portray the same brutal reality, Hindus are on the wane in Bangladesh to a inevitable extinction.  November, 2022 report states the same.

To know more, please log on to the report of ‘Sriti O Chetona’:


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