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Mutual affinity of dogs and humans essential for social development

There is hardly any Indian, precisely Hindu who is yet to learn of the strong affinity grown between Emperor Yudhishthira and an unknown dog during the last of journey or pilgrimage of five brothers and Draupadi together. Despite rest of the brothers and also Draupadi succumbed midway, eldest Pandava reached heaven with the single dog. When Heaven’s gateway was opened finally with glee and splendor ultimately, Yudhishthira came to know that the dog couldn’t enter, he preferred to avoid nirvana. He was not ready in any way to dispose of his friend and the rest is known to all. We need not go through those details but this happens to be the most ancient treatise of bonding between human and animals, especially dogs. Even in several other ancient civilizations such immortal friendship between men and dogs are found often. But nowadays a strange movement is rising its ugly head and it’s to get rid of dogs in the neighborhood. And this is indeed a suicidal mission that must be stopped at once. There is another brutal truth – dogs are more loyal than humans.

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