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Pathan is equipped to bluff Hindus

Contrary to expectations and also popular beliefs, Pathans are not the same as they are portrayed in the motion pictures, especially in Bollywood. For decades, Pathans are being termed as both valorous and generous; they are the real friends in distress and can even die to save friends. No matter what the religious differences are, there has always been a strong bonding between Hindus and Pathans and this fraternity has been continuing for ages. Is this true? Well, if truth is focused on, it’s nothing but a grave untruth and Bollywood loves to sell this extremely audacious hypocrisy to Hindus, in particular. Pathans are brutal and their hands are stained in blood of innocent Hindus.  It seems that the forthcoming movie of Shahrukh Khan named ‘Pathan’ would be another sequel to this age-old bluff only.   

If you want to know more, turn to the video link of “Vedant Media”:


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