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Bangladesh Government’s wrath evicts Telugu Hindus in Dhaka

Hindu persecution through decades is nothing new across the length and breadth of Bangladesh. Till the other day, it was the lot of Bengali Hindus in particular. Now, they are joined by a good number of Telugu Hindus living there for generations. It was in the British India when their ancestors were brought to the Dhaka city of (then East Bengal) for cleaning jobs and with the assurance of a permanent settlement. It must be noted, these people were subjected to inhuman torture by the Pakistani Army in 1971, the war that led to the formal independence of Bangladesh. Whatever the assurances in the British Raj, they seem to lose everything by now as their sweeper colony has been dismantled owing to corporate development of the city. No notice was served to them prior to the forced eviction leaving them stranded in streets and devoid of any knowledge of what to do next. Though a few humanitarian organizations have objected strongly to this inhumanity, the future seems to be bleak only.

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