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Love Jihad in Delhi claims Hindu girl stabbed over 20 times

Neither this is any new development nor it’s the last one. And in the midst of these the chronicle of Love Jihad is extending its nefarious tentacles across India by leaps and bounds. The latest victim is a teenager, a 16-yer-old girls named Sakshi who was killed by Sahil brutally, known to be her close friend prior to the assault. Through the CCTV camera fixed nearby, Sahil was perceived to stab Sakshi over 20 times; her head was crushed then by a boulder. Being a reader only you might get terror-stricken but this is becoming a natural ploy, rather the best way to punish a Hindu girlfriend if she denies to submit to her boyfriends mazhab or religion. What’s most striking, even people passed by none was found to stop him or save the girl. The horrific incident took place at Shahbad Dairy Area of the national capital. What’s the condition of similar (Love Jihad-affected) girls inhabiting remote corners of India then?

To know more and get acquainted with the horrific reality, go through the report of “Bharat Voice”,

Log-in: https://bharatvoice.in/news/sex-jihad-takes-another-life-sahil-stabs-20-times-brutally-kills-sakshi-in-delhi.html

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