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Would Kalakshetra be the new Leftist bastion?

Kalakshetra, located in Chennai and globally famed for being an excellent arts and culture academy is in midst of troubles nowadays. Though a few fingers were raised against the inappropriate behavior of Hari Padman, a serious professor and also completely dedicated to the central values of the academy to preserve core Indian values in the field of Indian art and crafts, by a host of girl students, nothing definite has come out as a result Though no such development or guilt of Hari Padman has been confirmed by the institute’s internal investigation team, confusion persists still. In accordance with many, all problems have one single source – Lefts are hell-bent to take over this institute based on ancient or Sanatana Guru-Shishya parampara. And there is the third one. It’s regarding the erstwhile Director, Sm. Leela Samson and her parochial stances at various contexts. Though she has retired by now, rumors of such nefarious designs are still afresh.  Not to speak of, her sturdy thought process can still be found in the academy campus. It’s to be seen what’s in the future of Kalakshetra.   

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