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Tamil Nadu’s hidebound administration backs indicted CPIM councilor

BJP State Secretary Suryah arrested for Protest 

Whenever any question or allegation (backed by proven facts) is put against the Marxists, both Congress and DMK join the bandwagon to term the assertion either as baseless or the consequence of a false news. How can a nefarious trio endeavor to deflect an issue of death under extremely suspicious environment must be learnt from these three political parties and at the moment, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is witnessing the same with rapt attention. And as a result of all these or as a penalty, SG Suryah or the Tamil Nadu BJP State Secretary has been put behind the bars.

Suryah questioned involvement of a Communist councilor of the death of a hygiene worker named Babu in Cuddalore. Even if the deceased’s wife registered an official complaint in the local police station against the CPIM councilor and other officials, there has not been any administrative approach yet to nab the culprit responsible for the death of an innocent individual. Only a namesake FIR has been registered that sanctions a simple punishment of 6 months and/or a fine of ₹ 1000. And Suryah is arrested since he failed to remain silent at this grave injustice and protested. Is this the worth of an individual’s life in Tamil Nadu and also in India?  

To know more, go through the report of “Commune Mag”,

Log – in: https://thecommunemag.com/bjp-tn-leader-sg-suryahs-arrest-puts-spotlight-on-hygiene-workers-death-that-went-unreported-widowed-wife-blames-communist-councillor/

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