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Unwarlike Hindus continue to burn

CAA – NRC, Nupur Sharma and now, Ram Navami. Tomorrow it shall be something else. But, it’s the  same modus operandi altogether. And the stratagem for the moment is to keep up the momentum and taste Hindu nerve. Or else there can’t be any more reason for a series of confrontations. After all, Hindus are the last one to provoke the other one. They’re known to be generally introvert and with extremely defensive mindset down the centuries and yet to know a bit of imperialism. So, whether it’s any sort of provocation leading to gathering of stone pelters or plundering and set properties ablaze, there is an explicit thought process behind the scene and above all a definite mission. For now, the mission is to harass unwarlike Hindus continually, act as a watchdog to determine whether Hindu patience is on the brink of collapse and in any such case, play victim and human rights cards till the soldiers get a complete rest and opt for the next onslaught.   

Know more on the nationwide violence on Ram Navami from the report of “Janpeace Live”,

Log-in: https://janpeace.com/again-ram-navami-festival-attacked-by-radical-islamists-stone-pelting-ruckus/

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